DoHjs Package

This site uses DoHjs, a client-side JavaScript implementation of DNS over HTTPS for use in the browser.
DoHjs is available on npm and github under the GPLv3 license. DoHjs also includes a command line tool for issuing DNS queries over HTTPS.

Why DoH? From the RFC authors.

Two primary use cases were considered during this protocol's development. These use cases are preventing on-path devices from interfering with DNS operations, and also allowing web applications to access DNS information via existing browser APIs in a safe way consistent with Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS). No special effort has been taken to enable or prevent application to other use cases.

Section 1 of RFC 8484 "DNS Queries over HTTPS (DoH)" (emphasis added)

This site was created by members of the BYU IMAAL Lab

Packages / Frameworks

DoHjs uses the following packages. Thanks to all developers and maintainers!